Terms & Conditions

*Registration For Audition Free

Please read all of the terms and conditions before registering.

*Vaccination certificates are required and must be shown upon request.

1. You must have a valid Indian passport to compete in Miss Kollywood. You must be a female between the age of 18 and 28 (those who turned 18 before March 31, 2022), never engaged, and never married. You must be at least 5.2 feet (159 centimeters) tall.

2. Freshers can apply and will be given preference (Experience Not Required)

3. From the auditions, a total of 30 individuals would be chosen as finalists.

4. The applicant must not be married, divorced, or widowed at the time of application.

5. FINALISTS are the contestants that have been chosen for the grand finale. The finalists will be given costumes for the Introduction / Cocktail Round, Q&A Round, Make-up and Hair Styling for the Grand Finale, an interactive grooming session with a famous grooming expert, training on the ramp walk, and poising on stage by a fashion expert, and a mock screen test for films and web series.

6. The finalists will be accommodated in a star-rated hotel for the duration of the grooming session (3 nights), which will include breakfast, coffee/tea, lunch, coffee/tea, and dinner.

7. In the grand finale, the finalists will be served refreshments and dinner.

8. If a contestant is selected for the grand finale, they agree to pay the pageant training fee.

9. During the auditions, grooming, training, and finale, any candidate carrying, using, distributing, or consuming any illegal drugs or alcohol shall be disqualified from the pageant. Contestants who do not follow the dress code will be disqualified. Any candidate who does not adhere to the rules will be disqualified.

10. The contestant must have a background that will not bring the Miss Kollywood title, the Licensee, the Promoter, or anybody associated with them to discredit.

11. Contestant affirms that she is and will continue to be a person of good moral character; that she has not committed and will not commit any act inconsistent with the highest standards of public morals and conventions or that will reflect unfavorably on the competition, its representatives, sponsors, and/or licensees; that she has not appeared in or posed for any nude or provocative photographs before, during, or after her reign; that she has not appeared in or posed for any nude or provocative photographs

12. During the Auditions, Grooming, Photoshoot, and the Grand Finale, the contestant will act courteously and professionally at all times.

13. At all times, good sportsmanship is expected. Disruptive behavior before, during, or after the pageant may result in disqualification, expulsion from the grounds, and legal action.

14. The organiser, partners, and associates of the Miss Kollywood Event are not responsible for any lost or damaged belongings during the auditions, grooming sessions, photoshoots, or the grand finale.

15. The organisers will not be held liable for any delays or non-receipt of applications for whatever reason.

16. The organisers are not liable for any loss or physical injury that arises as a result of the applicant’s participation in the event. The applicant agrees to participate at her own risk and on her own time.

17. The administrators’ decisions are final and binding on the applicant in the case of a dispute. The judges’ decision is final.

18. Only the applicant will be permitted to enter the preliminaries’ assigned venue. The event schedule and qualification rounds are subject to modification at the event coordinators’ discretion. The organizing committee is not liable for the event’s non-completion or non-occurrence.

19. Under no circumstances are any fees paid to the pageant refundable or transferable in whole or in part.

20. All disputes are subject to the jurisdiction of the Chennai courts.

21. Applicant knows and agrees to allow Miss Kollywood or ADF INC, as well as anyone designated by ADF INC & ACTC Studio, to research and verify the information provided on this pageant application, including personal and professional background, character, work experience, awards, and credentials.

*Conditions Apply